Jacob’s Stew

Jacob's Stew

Jacob’s Stew

Attempt to tempt me with Jacob’s stew
Fragrant aroma steaming
Seething and teasing

A fool’s soul would gobble like Esau
Frightfully famished
Wishing hunger to vanish

And it would taste fillingly good
But sadly transient
Wonderful for a moment

Precious birthright’s gone too soon
Sorrowful realization
Regrets of misfortune

Thus, I shall kill any desire (o[f)or] you
Willingly obedient
Blessedly patient

For from your mouth a taste or two
Mightn’t be worth it
Could be nothing infinite

I want to wait for the time I’m sure
If you’re the one I need
Or but a testing received

Rememb’ring His promises are never overdue
Taking heed of warnings
From a faithful Elohim


One response to “Jacob’s Stew

  1. It is rare to see that kind of conviction these days. I think it is a very admirable and beautiful thing to wait for the right one. You express yourself very well in your lovely poem.

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