Warriors (Challenge Mash-Up: Triolet & Valkyrie-Portrait)


Do not dismiss, do not forget:
All of us are warriors inside;
Not all battles produce bloodshed,
Do not dismiss, do not forget.
I can smile, you laugh, and yet
Our mind is filled with endless strife;
Do not dismiss, do not forget –
All of us are warriors inside.

My friend recently challenged me to draw myself as a valkyrie. So here’s a challenge mash-up! The poem is For Cubby’s Triolet Challenge! :”>

Instructions on writing a triolet:

  1. There are a total of 8 lines with two different repeating lines:
    • The 1st, 4th, and 7th lines repeat.
    • The 2nd and 8th lines repeat.
  2. The rhyme scheme is ABaAabAB. The capital letters represent the repeating lines.
  3. Commonly written with 8 syllables per line, as in The Tiger Knight, or 10 syllables, as in When It Breaks.

13 responses to “Warriors (Challenge Mash-Up: Triolet & Valkyrie-Portrait)

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  2. I love the idea of a challenge mashup. Were you also standing on your head and juggling at the same time? Great triolet 🙂

      • 🙂 DO you prefer writing or drawing? It must be fantastic to have the ability to illustrate your own words…

      • Usually, my writing stands on its own; so does a drawing. But there are rare times when an illustration perfectly fits a literary work so I’m forced to create a visual (which is good, because I challenge myself). But really, I prefer either, madame. Whichever strikes my mood.

        Thank you very much for dropping by. May you have a blessed day! :”>

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  4. Love the triolet and the drawing! You make a stunning Valkyrie. Excellent job with both challenges! 🙂

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