The Man I Need (Terza Rima Sonnet Challenge)

Shall I marry a man of great beauty,
Aesthetic, prim, with billions of dollars,
Prompted with fame with which to endow me?
Or shall I be tied to a quiet man,
Whose mind drinks the world of philosophers,
Bless me with Universe’s phenomenons?
Perhaps with a man with boundless talents,
Who would woo me in life, cunning anon?
Should I? if Fate be so kind? Why not? yet!
I know very well the man that I crave—
A soul who lives his life on what He wills;
If I were to pick one 
thing for a mate:
I’d choose someone who trusts what He reveals,
Someone of His character— he who kneels.

Written for Cubby’s Challenge.

6 responses to “The Man I Need (Terza Rima Sonnet Challenge)

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  3. Now this is a sonnet! What a wonderful rendering of the form. Marvelous terza rima sonnet! Very wise too. 🙂

    • Eeeep! Cubby, I updated this this morning: may I ask for you to update your post, too? Much apologies… T_T

      I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it, Cubby! Thanks for the challenge. You know I ALWAYS enjoy them! ❤

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