Do you have 50 cents to donate? Buy my donated song! #prayforphilippines

Pagbangon poster

November 15

One week since a category 5 super typhoon hit central Philippines and killed thousands of people. I found a way to help the survivors of the typhoon Hiyan: I am donating my song “Pagbangon” (lyrics below) by selling it for only 20 pesos (around 50 cents) on opm2go. It’s been confirmed that around seven million people have been affected by this typhoon; if you’ve still been thinking of how to help because you don’t have much to spare, please do download my song. All proceeds will go to a trusted organization here in the Philippines called GMA Kapuso Foundation.

Pilipinas! Babangon ka rin!

“Pagbangon” (translation below)

Bagong umaga, bagong pag-asa
Bagong gawa ng Maylikha, makikita
Bumangon ka at muling magsimula
‘Wag padadala sa masamang gunita

‘Di pa tapos ang lahat
‘Di pa ubos ang oras
Hanggang may buhay may dapat kang gampanan
Tumindig ka at muli nang humakbang
Hanggang marating ang mabuting hangarin

‘Di panapanahon ang pagkakataon
Ngayon ang araw ng pagbangon
Kahapon ay wala na
Bukas nakataya
Sa pagbangon at pagkilos mo ngayon

Bagong araw tumatanglaw
Bagong pag-asa natatanaw


New dawn, new hope
Made by the Almighty for us to see
Rise and once again start
Don’t let bad memories bring you down

Not everything’s finished
Time hasn’t run out
AS long as you’re alive
There’s something you have to do
Take a stance and a step
Till you arrive to your dream

Chances aren’t rare
Today’s the day to rise
Yesterday is gone
Your future is based on your deicion
To rise and act right now

New sun is shining
New hope in sight

#pagbangon #yolanda #bangonPH #bangonpinas #bangonpilipinas #reliefPH #OPM

Original post (November 10, 2013)

I am grieved. Especially of the certainty that I have spiritual brothers and sisters affected by Yolanda (Hiyan). I don’t think I personally know anyone from Tacloban or from any other province severely hit by the typhoon, but may the Almighty comfort the hearts of the victims and may they remember or know that Yahweh is their light and salvation (Psalms).

My sincerest prayers for the victims  – (my voice and music, too). PLEASE PRAY FOR MY FELLOW COUNTRYMEN. Praying already means a lot, but if you’re impelled and would like to donate, please check out this link of official organizations in the country taking care of donations. Thank you very much.


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