“It’s a cruel world”: An Open Letter to HIMIG HANDOG P-Pop Love Songs 2014

Dear Himig,

Earlier this year I published an article about Phil, titled “I Got in the Top 100″: Why I Didn’t Enter Philpop 2014.” To-night, I believe it is about time I write about – or rather to you.

I had been extremely excited for your arrival; I had composed my two entries as early as November, thinking you were finally the charming, fair National Songwriting Competition I’d been waiting for. But I was wrong: five months of great expectation was concluded with desolation. Alas! Neither of my songs (the other is “Pagtapat“)  “made it,” not even to the TOP 500. (You deem 500 entries or more were better than two of mine!)

It is a given that some would think I should let this issue go: I am adamant not to, though, in behalf of every talented Filipino songwriter you have neglected. Losing is an entirely different matter when one’s loss is of injustice. I have beheld the Finalists List, Himig, and (once again!) spotted Familiar Names. If only, I tell myself; – If only a Familiar Name determines an excellent composer with astonishing songwriting skills, then I do not have to write this; I would have just perfunctorily shrugged my loss off my shoulders, assured that to be defeated is only a step towards the perfection of one’s craft, and move on. Winning a contest, after all, is not the priority of a composer – the completed creations were in themselves rewards enough. But quite apparently, this is not the case.

It was the final straw, Himig. I brazenly declare you crueler than Phil – merciless, even. At least Phil was thoughtful enough, correct? But you – you promptly toss entries away upon your observance of an absence of a “name.” Pity. That wasn’t a very nice thing to do.

I want to encourage those who “lost” to post their compositions and show the potentiality you disregarded, Himig; thus, I contacted a good online friend of mine, Rap Sanchez, to co-produce, mix, and master one of my submissions. I present to all Filipino netizens: “Cruel World (Malupit Kong Mundo)” – do you remember this particular tune, Himig? That is, I only ask if you had listened to the pieces that were not created and submitted by your colleagues in the first place.

Your shallow penchant for mediocre musical compositions presently grants me amusement, Himig. Thank you. And oh, in addition to that, you’ve disenchanted me. Before I was not so certain, but now I am confident: the Philippine music industry is indeed a cruel world. Allow me to dedicate this song, especially the rap verse, to you, Himig dear. I am certain you shall remember me well.

Once truly yours,

Jashaél's Autograph

‘Di makapaniwala: ako ay nagpakatanga

Facebook: http://fb.com/jashaelmusic
Twitter: http://twitter.com/officialjashael
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/jashbagabaldo
Instagram: http://instagram.com/thejashallivebyfaith

Facebook: http://fb.com/rapsanchezmusic
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/rapsanchezmusic


You’ve drowned me down your tears
Fed me with your laughter
You’ve tossed me into your fears
Then wrapped me in your valour

You’ve shattered my lucidity
Then thrashed me under, over
As long as you needed me
I was your moping ardour

It’s a cruel world
It’s a cruel world
You’re my cruel world
You’re my cruel, cruel, cruel world

You’ve taken all my love
But abandoned who I am
I guess my heart’s been too tough
For you not chain

Eto ako
Katatapos lang pulutin ang huling piraso ng aking puso
Na dinurog ng mga palsong pangako mula sa’yo
‘Di makapaniwala: ako ay nagpakatanga
Ngunit ngayong lumakas at natututo
Hindi mo na ako muling maloloko

Ang nakaraan ay nakaraan
‘Di na dapat ito sinusulyapan
Malasin mo, wawasakin ko
Bawat dako ng malupit kong mundo

And now here I stand
Blown away by your disguise
When all I’ve been was honest
You let me hang on to your lies

Music and Lyrics 2013 (c) Abigail Jashaél V. Bagabaldo


4 responses to ““It’s a cruel world”: An Open Letter to HIMIG HANDOG P-Pop Love Songs 2014

  1. Tama lang na d tinanggap song mo, hindi makaka relate ang pinoy sa lyrics mo, hindi ito bebenta, yung rap pwede pa

    • Hi, Anamarie. Isn’t it too early to tell? Anyway, can you say the same with “Pagtapat”? Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Cruel naman po talaga ang OPM industry, kung maganda ka, entertaining, maraming fan base, dun ka nagkaka album, pera pera na kasi ngayon eh. Yung ngang si Rhap Salazar, kay ganda ng boses tapos hindi nabibigyan ng break. Marami man, sina Bugoy Drilon, Klarisse and etc.. Napansin ko rin po yun na marami ang mga familiar names na nakakasali sa Top Songs na pinipili nila, pero let’s just be positive, compose parin tayo ng songs.

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