Do you want the Ulzzang look? — Eye Candy Shop Review


Hallo, guys! Today I’m going to review Eye Candy Shop, an online store where the likes of Alodia Gosiengfiao, Ann Li, Liui Aquino, and Kat Langomez get their awesome circle lenses. I’m going to talk a bit about the little aspects that, well, y’know, contribute to a proper review and then show you my rating of the shop!

★ Products – The Eye Candy Shop has a variety (and I really mean a variety!) of lenses to choose from. They have Crystal lenses, EOS/JBE Toric lenses, Barbie Eye lenses, QT lenses, and much more! With a huge collection, it isn’t hard for anyone to look for the ones they need. For cosplayers Eye Candy knows which lenses to match for characters. (Check out these ones for Mirai Kuriyama and Yuno Gasai.) They have animation lenses as well that are customized for specific characters. (Just look at these sclera lenses for Tokyo Ghoul ghoul cosplays.)

I cannot emphasize enough that their lenses are high-quality lenses— lenses with vibrant colors and designs. Seriously not the type you can buy for 180 a pair from some random shop which looks gorgeous on stock photos but in reality looks so dull it would make your pupils look photo-shopped by someone with a skill level of 999. No, not at all. When it comes to Eye Candy, what ‘cha see is what ‘cha get!

(On a side note: Whilst the main product of Eye Candy Shop is, of course, circle lenses, they also have ulzzang and cosplay wigs of high-quality brands like Ruler and Lucailletops, skirts and dresses, and kawaii tights and socks.)

★ Affordability – Lenses prices depend on brand and style. Normal circle lenses range from around 300 to 500. Very affordable for high-quality lenses! Eye Candy, too, has a reasonable shipment policy payment: they ship nationwide for FREE for almost all lenses. And oh, have I mentioned that each pair has a free lenses case?

★ Management – I don’t think this shop has ever treated (and would ever treat) a browsing shopper like how Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman was disparaged. Not only do Eye Candy Shop respond quickly, but they are very polite and accommodating. (When I was choosing lenses, they showed me other options so I could find the pair I really wanted.) Probably because the shop is owned by this sweet, kawaii, himekaji fashion-lover, whom I like to call Ate Toni (he-he).

★ Payment Mode – Depositing for their shop is convenient. They accept payments through BPI, BDO, Gcash, LBC Card Reloading, and Paypal.

★ Delivery and packaging – Eye Candy Shop ships internationally and sends only through fast and reliable couriers like Fastrack (with LBC tie-up) and JRS. (They automatically give you the tracking number, too, which is like, a bonus for me because I don’t have to ask for it [ha-ha!].) I’m in Manila, and when my lenses were sent, the parcel arrived within the day itself! The package was well-sealed; the items were covered and secured in bubble wrap.


If one star means “poor,” two means “okay,” three “like-able,” four “very like-able,” and five “excellent,” this shop is no doubt a five! So…

…shop now at Eye Candy Shop because you, too, can get that Ulzzang look! And to conclude this post, here’s a picture of me donning my Crystal Sapphire Blue lenses from Eye Candy Shop:

Jashael for Eye Candy Shop


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