Bad Blood Music Video Review

I was so stoked for this music video. I’m a swiftie, and aside from Tay’s music, I love her music videos. But I really must admit that the video didn’t kind of live up to the hype. I was one of those people who concluded that it would be some kind of short film after Zendaya’s poster was shown— even longer than “I Knew You Were Trouble”; turns out that wasn’t really the case.

Yes, the video has amazing visuals. Yes, its cast is too overwhelming. Yes, the direction is awesome. Yes, the costumes are superb. But what caught my attention here (as a writer, I suppose) is the poor story-line. Well, it’s okay for a music video. But for a production like this that cost so much (supposedly), I think the story-line could’ve been… more. I mean, there’s all these possibilities for a short film and they were all pretty much wasted.

But no hate. Just my two cents. And here’s a little spontaneous commentary. (Note: When I say Tay is “awkward,” it means she really is but in an adorable way.)

00:02 That blur-fade (or whatever it’s called) just doesn’t do it for me. Cinematography would be real good – pretty intact and with good angles. But I don’t know how and why I had a moment there up at the start when I was certain there would be a few shots that I wouldn’t like.
00:08 Ooooh… Tay’s got her back on the camera: stunt-woman? Or was it really her? WE NEED BEHIND THE SCENES.
00:10 Lipstick application.
00:13 IS IT SELENA?!
00:14 IT’S SELENA!
00:17 Tay awkwardly punches.
00:21 Tay awkwardly grabs man’s arm.
00:22 Tay tumbles and awkwardly scuttles backwards to sit (quite deliberately) in a swivel chair.
00:25 Tay awkwardly raises her hands and does the Walk… awkwardly.
00:29 Cool mirror shot.
00:40 That fall. Funny effect. But cool.
00:43 Some serious posing is done by uninjured Tay.
00:49 Starting to look like Katy Perry’s E.T. (If you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about, check it out.) Also started to sound like E.T., too, what with the rapper, which – unpopular opinion alert! – I think does a good job adding spice to the track. (That being said, “Bad Blood,” after all, has been my least fave off “1989” because of its lyrics that sound as if they were stolen from a whining thirteen-year-old losing an acquaintance for the first time).
00:52 Love Tay’s make-up!
00:58 Ooooh… Great visuals.
00:59 That pointed toe, though… haha.
01:01 “Hate to critic… overrate you.”
01:24 OOOOOH. Underground quarters of bad-ass gals.
01:27 That out-of-beat punch, though.
01:30 Okay, I’m just so happy with their fierce faces. xD
01:37 Elli Goulding! :O Perfect stare and lip sync.
01:39 Such a lovely shift. Actually all shifts are awesome.
01:46 Invisible car… :O
01:49 What they trying to do…
01:53 Cara :O
01:54 Taylor’s make-up here is not so fierce. Why. She looks smiling beside Cara. LOL
01:58 …also now with Zandaya.
02:02 HEYLEEEEEEEEEE. Love the costume. She stands out, especially with the hair.
02:26 That was a push, Tay, not a punch. Mahehe…
02:39 Jessica. :O Such pretty people in this video.
02:42 Love the little red lighting for the bridge.
03:03 Oh. The red-head, green-eyed Taylor! Fierce.
03:05 …and oh, the squad. :O
03:10 The fire effects though is not that of excellent quality.
03:12 Heels! Heels everywhere!
03:20 The masked traitors.
03:31 This Ellie shot is feels out-of-place. She seems to be holding a nuke launcher, and suddenly she fires it, like what and why. Also the shot itself is feeling a little out-of-place. Might’ve been better if they used a little panning or movement from the camera.
03:37 Taylor just lifted the tension a bit with that look. LOL
03:41 I don’t know but that Cara shot where she lip-syncs “problems” and prepares her rifle is just so cool, can’t get over it.
03:46 Again with Zendaya’s kick? But in a different angle. 😐
03:49 Wait. Are they looking at each other? There’s a little camera trick isn’t there?
03:50 What. It all ends in a slap? And the both used the hand away from the camera, which make them the same sides, and how… also, hey, Selena totally moved away from that slap! LOL

I like how it’s pretty comedic.

Disappointed Lorde and HAIM weren’t in it. Haha.

Oh, well. Will watch it a few more times then back to life. Err, sleep.



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