An exceptional young artist who deserves more attention.

Originally posted on Musicouch by Victoria Jenkins.

I don’t remember why or when, but at some point in my youtube adventures, I subscribed to a group called Summerfield.  Now, I don’t listen to them anymore, but one day they did a cover of a gorgeous song.  It was the kind of song that makes you want to hear more, and pretty soon I had found the original artist, and was binging on her youtubevideos.

That person was Jash Bagabaldo.

Jash is an exceptional young lady who is just trying to break into the youtube industry.  She’s released two songs on itunes, though they haven’t made a lot of money, and has many, many more on youtube.  A native Filipino, her English is excellent, and she has a certain adorable charm that makes you want to keep watching.  She’s the kind of person who doesn’t take herself too seriously, and that makes the ride fun.

What I like about her original songs is that there are layers to them.  When I first heard If I Were A DC Writer, I found it both beautiful and confusing.  The melody is gorgeous, but the relation DC comics wasn’t readily apparent.  She later told me that it had to do with a story she’d made up–her own character was realizing she couldn’t be with one of DC’s characters, Roy Harper/Speedy/Red Arrow/Arsenal/Guy Who Goes Through Too Many Names.  Although the story is fictional, the emotional depth is astonishing, and relistening revealed more and more understanding of what she was actually saying.  Even without knowledge of DC, this song packs an emotional punch–it’s about the pain of your deepest love having a child with another.

Jash started playing the guitar and composing songs at the age of eleven, and has since learned to play the piano and violin.   Her Christian faith lends to her exceptional maturity, and her songs, which tend to center around relationships, are all very heartfelt.  She’s the kind of person who impresses me–I have great respect for musicians and multilingual people, so the fact that she knows two languages (and is learning a third) and can play three instruments seems worthy of applause in and of itself.

Please go check her out.  If we support our favorite youtube stars, then we can determine who we will hear on the radio!

Her newest song is My Missing Picture Frame.


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